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NINIGBO WEIMO ARTICLE CO.,LTD. has been engaged in the production of sequin curtain for many years and has accumulated rich industry experience. We have the ability to provide comprehensive and quality solutions according to actual situations and needs of different customers. WEIMO's sequin board can be used in a variety of industries. WEIMO runs multi fully automated production lines and produces sequin curtain according to the national building materials standard. Diverse in product line and favorable in price, our products are safe and eco-friendly and enjoy a wide recognition in the market. They are available in a wide range of styles and specifications for various scenarios. Choosing the right product can bring its maximum effect and create a good user experience. For business negotiation, please contact WEIMO. we provides a wide range of custom sequin wall for customers.

Difference between natural gas dehydrator and filter The natural gas filter is mainly composed of the first-class cyclone separator, the second-class inertia demister pre-filter and condensation, the third-class fine filter element condensation, and the sewage discharge valve, and the natural gas with liquid and solid particles, the intake pipe enters the first-class cyclone separator in a tangent direction. Large droplets and solid particles are separated by cyclone separation. Then, after the secondary demister, the gas is further separated by gas, liquid and solid under the action of inertia collision. The dust with large particle size in the gas is filtered out, which protects the rear grade fine filter element. The gas passes through the fine filter element (grade 3 fine filter) and solid particles with a particle size greater than 10 microns (or finer) are filtered out; liquid fogs with small particle size are collected on the fine filter element, and condense into large droplets, settling to the bottom

Hollow fiber filter a is a kind of water treatment equipment? This thing is useless. filter some micro impurities ??? Hollow fiber filter-Hollow fiber filtration (English: Hollow fiber filter) as the name implies ultra-precision filtration.To sum up, it is a separation technique based on the size of molecules or ions.When the larger solute is trapped, the material smaller than the pore diameter of the membrane is filtered out with the volume.The method is simple in operation, without phase change and low in energy consumption, without adding chemical reagents.The molecular weight of the separation substance by UF is 5 k--0.1 million or approximate aperture size 10--100A (0.001--0.01um ).Can remove bacteria,Viruses and particles,Remove most of the gel,Polymer compounds,Heat sources and microorganisms,However, salt with low molecular weight cannot be removed.The reverse osmosis can intercept salts according to the phase difference, while the pore size range of micro-pore filtration is 0.1-1.0um.Consumables
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