Can our logo or company name be printed on gold sequin wall ?
Because of gold sequin wall , NINGBO NINIGBO WEIMO ARTICLE CO.,LTD. ARTICLE CO.,LTD. can continuously improve product quality and service quality in the process of accumulating experience. Call now! Engaged in the Production of gold sequin wall for Years WEIMO's gold sequin wall has been substantially improved in a scientific way, as shown in the following aspects. WEIMO always pays attention to customers. According customers' actual needs, we could customize comprehensive and professional solutions for them.

Is it necessary to install the pre-water purifier? The front water purifier is mainly the first coarse filtration equipment for the whole house water. after installing the household, it intercepts the coarse particles impurities, sediment and rust that cause harm to the family in the water, avoid damage to the human body and skin, and play a positive role in pre-protection for downstream pipelines and other water appliances.The role of pre-water purifier1. Solve the secondary pollution of the pipelineThe filter accuracy of the front water purifier is 5-100 microns, which can filter the impurities seen by the naked eye. Greatly extend the service life of the follow-up equipment.2. soften the quality of water, prevent scale and prevent corrosionThe pre-water purifier can prevent the combination of calcium and magnesium ions and carbonated silver ions, thus playing the role of scale inhibition, and can form a nano-scale protective film on the inner wall of the water storage tank to prevent corrosi

What are the classification of precision filters? What are the classification of precision filters?General range of Q-level precision filter: General reciprocating air compressor pre-filter material,Multi-layer fiberglass filter.Filter impurities: 5 MICRON.Filter oil content: 5PPM.Great pressure: 16 KG/CM.High temperature: 65 °c.General pressure difference: 0.2 KG/CM.
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