Can silver sequin curtain panel sample charge be refunded if order is placed?
Pneumatic three-piece with filtration accuracy of 2 microns I. matters needing attention in pneumatic Sanlian parts1. some parts are made of PC (polycarbonate) and are not allowed to be used close to or in an organic solvent environment. Please use neutral cleaning agent for PC Cup cleaning.2. do not exceed the use range of the pressure.3. when the outlet air volume is significantly reduced, the filter element should be replaced in time.Two. installation method of pneumatic three-link parts1. please pay attention to cleaning the connecting pipes and joints during installation to avoid dirt entering the gas Road.2. please pay attention to whether the gas flow direction is consistent with the direction indicated by the general Arrow during installation, and whether the takeover and joint tooth shape are correct.3. fixing of filter and pressure regulating valve (pressure regulating filter) Feeder: match the convex slot of the fixed bracket with the groove on the body, and then lock it with the fixing pi

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Is there any wastewater in the 3 m front backwashing filter? The front backwashing filter is only a physical filter device,It does not produce wastewater like a water purifier.The only thing that was said downstairs,Waste a little tap water when cleaning sewage.Waste water will be produced during cleaning!
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