Shimmer Wall decoration for SHERATON HOTEL

WEIMODECOR provided the shimmer panels for Sheraton hotel. Sheraton use the sequin panels decorated the walls, reception for their inside dining room.  Total area is about 200 square meters which request about 2300 piece of panels. The entire design was finished by a designer from Singapore.

For the entire Fire Wall Design, four colors were involved in which are red(luxe101), black(luxe128), gold (luxe107)and silver (luxe127).


Turn the mock up design into the Physical display, send the real samples to client for confirmation.

After WEIMODECOR got the approval from our client, the entire design concept was finished soon.




Create the pixilated design according to the design concept image and give the number to each panel that will make the installation much easier.



The wall before the decoration with the shimmer panels.

After all shimmer panels were fixed on the wooden substrate, the entire fire wall come alive with the shiny and brilliant effect.

Sequin Wall Wedding Decoration for Qatar

We got the inquiry from Qatar for a big wedding hall.

There are 4 walls in total about 760 square meters.

Client need a unique design and material for the walls, the theme for all things in this hall is blue.

A simple drawing to show the area where need to be decorated with our shimmer panels. Four corners in total, 2121 pieces per side.

According to client’s requirements, WEIMODECOR provided several solutions.

The final mock up and samples(a part of the whole design) sent to the client via door to door express shipping for confirmation.

WEIMODECOR won the trust through the samples and professional services.

The whole process went smoothly after we got the confirmation from our client, without any inspection or samples before we send out all 8484 panels in one batch.

One month later, client send the video for their whole wedding hall to share their joy and the great jobs.

Stage Decoration material for 2018 Asian Games Opening Ceremony in Jakarta

In April 2018, we got inquiry about gold panels from Malaysia.

The quantity need to be enough to cover an area of 120 square meters.

WEIMODECOR sent out the samples to client soon as this is an urgent inquiry.

The samples are all available gold colors with clear panel.

The client received the shimmer panels after 3 days, the 35cm clear panel and plain yellow gold sequins were confirmed.

Then our client place the order and make the payment in no time. And WEIMODECOR tried the best to arrange all the panels arrive at Malaysia after 12 days.

With the great efforts of our client and WEIMODECOR, the gold sun was finished smoothly and fly to Jakarta Indonesia in time.

A great performance in 2018 Asian Games Opening Ceremony.

Create a freestanding sequin backdrop for your event

30cm by 30cm solid panels

WEIMODECOR can provide joints which can connect individual panels together. Then you can hang the bigger sequin panel on a pipe or a frame. This installation method is suitable for a temporary event, party or shop windows. Do not need to destroy the wall surface, you just need a portable strong frame or a pipe.


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