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The solid implementation of scientific principles of sequin board ensure NINGBO NINIGBO WEIMO ARTICLE CO.,LTD. ARTICLE CO.,LTD. lead the world in the development trend of sequin board. Check now! WEIMO, a Professional Manufacturing Decoration Materials Curtain Walls & Accessories Manufacturer sequin board's outstanding advantages are as follows. WEIMO is dedicated to solving your problems and providing you with one-stop and comprehensive solutions.

What is the role of two small holes at the bottom of the steel company's turbid ring mechanical filter? normal operation does not leak 5 Introduction to adaptive and efficient mechanical filtersThe adaptive high-efficiency mechanical filter adopts the adaptive fiber filter as the core application technology. the filter material used uses the theoretical physics principle-nonlinear scientific fractal structure, and the advantages are self-adaptability and fractal structure. It not only has the efficient filtration accuracy of the fiber filter material, but also has the advantages of using the particle filter material backwashing cleanliness and low water consumption, the pore distribution of filter bed formed by using this filter material is basically close to the ideal filter layer structure. when filtering, the filter material will gradually decrease from large to small along the direction of water flow, and the void ratio distribution in the same section is more uniform, the water flow is

Rice stone magnetized kitchen water filter bathroom water filter water purifier household faucet water purifier, useful? You can Baidu the role of rice stone.Rice Stone is a natural silicate mineral,Academic name: Quartz two stone.A composite mineral or medicinal rock that is Biotoxic, harmless and has a certain biological activity.The North rice Stone has a strong adsorption capacity on several elements harmful to the human body such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic and lead.The drug has a strong adsorption effect on the drug, and the adsorption of barbitum is weak.Water quality can be purified to a certain extent.The magnetism is carried out by the magnetized device,It is recommended that you know about the magnetic water Baidu.There's a water purifier,What are you doing with magnetic water separately?Very strange .
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