Nickelodeon 2339787 Shimmer & Shine Rainbow

by:Weimodecor     2020-07-28

The Expansion Board allows easy prototyping of third party sensors or custom sensing solutions with Shimmer.

These growth boards can be utilized to interface the Shimmer3 with an Analogue Output Sensor, a Digital Output Sensor, a Serial UART or a Parallel Bus Interface. The Shimmer PROTO3 Unit is part of the Shimmer PROTO3 sequence which consists of numerous growth boards for the Shimmer3 platform. The Expansion Board enables an analog sensor, a digital output sensor, a Serial UART, or a Parallel Bus Interface to connect with Shimmer. The Expansion board is linked to Shimmer via the exterior connector pin, and is positioned exterior the Shimmer enclosure.

The manufacturing time is longer since all of the pins and sequin discs are attached to the panels by hand. The Shimmer3 main board is equipped connected with this product as well as TRRS cables. The PROTO3 sequence of boards permits finish users or software builders to incorporate additional functionality to the Shimmer, providing an outlet to develop their specific application or consumer requirement.

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