Shimmer Sequin Panels

by:Weimodecor     2020-07-26

Whether used in the entire project or on the aluminum functional wall, the main entrance or decorative decoration, the metal coating can leave an unforgettable impression. From industrial and residential software to healthcare and hospitality, the textured wall panels of Classic Collection can provide many styles for each software. The maximum core thickness is 3/4 inch MDF, which can use small-scale delicate texture patterns and decorate wavy walls. Air accelerator is a novel patented technology, which is made based on the idea of decorative panels with iridescent sequins.

Weimodecor produces high-quality flash panels and sequin panels. The products we produce have a long service life and can be used to make advertising signs, billboards, etc. We try to make all our logos distinctive and eye-catching. However, the sequin indicator may be an obvious form of the logo we created in the City of New York. It's colorful, reflective, and fluttering in the wind, which is incredible. The perfect choice for indoor and outdoor decorations, advertisements, and other sequin indicators in New York City is an effective way to take your small business signage to the next level.

WEIMODECOR produces handmade sequin products for high-end and special decorations. We provide stable glitter walls, sequin panels, grid sequin panels, sequin walls, personalized sequin curtains and sequin curtains for buyers who need glitter decoration. The same qualities that produce the vibration and reflectivity of the metal coating can also trigger changes in the internal appearance of the project, the appearance of metal construction products and even individual parts. Compared with projects that use extruded aluminum wall panels, or wall panels separated by masonry or other supplies that disrupt the overall visual continuity of the building’s appearance, projects that use a large number of aluminum wall panels are more likely to present Variety. Always draw the same elevation and adjacent panels on the same software run.

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