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There is scale in the boiler boiling water. if you want to intercept the scale with a bag filter, how much accuracy can you do? Can bag filter intercept scale? The scale is not so troublesome to filter, and it will automatically settle down after waiting directly. If the boiler is out of water, only a block of scale can be filtered out. If it's water. Overthinking is useless.

My water purifier dealer has recently entered a batch of pre-filter, new series and JETFI pre-filter in hanshill, Germany. Hanshill's new JETFI pre-filter series has made great progress and improvement in its old products. The process of their joint from the inside to the outside is very fine, and the gasket is not a regular rubber sheet, but a fiber gasket. Compared with the rubber sheet, the fiber gasket has higher sealing and durability and higher cost. Do you mean rubber pads and fiber pads? Rubber leather pads are easy to aging, and the service life will be shorter. some fiber gaskets are more resistant to corrosion and aging, and they will be used longer! I don't know if it's right to understand?
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