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NINIGBO WEIMO ARTICLE CO.,LTD. has been engaged in the production of sequin curtain for many years and has accumulated rich industry experience. We have the ability to provide comprehensive and quality solutions according to actual situations and needs of different customers. WEIMO's custom sequin wall can be used in a variety of industries. WEIMO runs multi fully automated production lines and produces sequin curtain according to the national building materials standard. Diverse in product line and favorable in price, our products are safe and eco-friendly and enjoy a wide recognition in the market. They are available in a wide range of styles and specifications for various scenarios. Choosing the right product can bring its maximum effect and create a good user experience. For business negotiation, please contact WEIMO. we provides a wide range of custom sequin wall for customers.

What are the methods of air particulate matter purification in air filters? 1.Dust particles in the air,Moving with the flow of air as an inertial motion or irregular brown motion or by a certain field force,When particles move into other objects,What exists between objects is the force between molecules and molecules, between molecular regiments and molecular regiments,Glue particles to the surface of the fiber.The dust entering the filter medium has more chances of hitting the medium,When you hit the medium, you will be stuck.Small dust will collide with each other to form large particles and settle,The particle concentration of dust in the air is relatively stable.The fading of the interior and walls is for this reason.2.Particle dust is used as inertia movement in the air flow,When you encounter messy fibers,Airflow changes direction,Particles deviate from the direction due to inertia,Hit the fiber and bond.The bigger the particles, the easier it will hit,The better the effect.Small particles

What is the workbench? What is aluminum profile workbench?I don't know where the aluminum profile is,I don't know how the quality of aluminum profiles is a common problem we encounter.Here's a little bit of my experience,Share with you.For the quality of aluminum profiles,1.First of all, what is the aluminum profile.Aluminum profile,It is the aluminum material with different section shapes by hot melt and extrusion.The production process of aluminum profiles mainly includes three processes: Casting, extrusion and coloring.Among them,The coloring mainly includes: oxidation, gel coating, fluorine-carbon spraying, powder spraying, wood grain printing and other processes.2.Next, compare aluminum and steel.In the manufacturing sector,Steel has always been a popular material,Because the steel is cheap and widely used.However, steel also has many disadvantages.Processing takes both time and labor.Welding is a process of breaking fees,The main reason is the need to train welding workers.In addition,The
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