How many Weimo shimmer disc panels are sold per year?
Can T-type net filter be backwashed 5? The T-type filter cannot perform backwashing filters. the T-type and backwashing filters are two different types of filters. the T-type filter can only perform simple filtering functions.1. the shape of the T-type filter is like the letter 'T' type, so we call it the T-type filter. Type T filter is a small equipment to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid, which can protect the normal operation of the equipment. when the fluid enters the filter cartridge with a certain size filter screen, its impurities are blocked, the cleaned filter is discharged from the filter outlet. when cleaning is required, just remove the removable filter cartridge and reload it after processing. As shown in the following figure.2. backwashing filter is a kind of filter that directly intercepts impurities in water, removes suspended matter and particulate matter in water body, reduces turbidity, purify water quality, and reduces the generation of system dirt, bacteria and alg

NINGBO NINIGBO WEIMO ARTICLE CO.,LTD. ARTICLE CO.,LTD. strive to boost overseas sales by establishing a new export department. Inquire online! WEIMO, a Professional Manufacturing Decoration Materials Curtain Walls & Accessories Manufacturer shimmer disc panels 's outstanding advantages are as follows. WEIMO is dedicated to solving your problems and providing you with one-stop and comprehensive solutions.

What kind of soil and stone does concrete belong? Concrete does not belong to earth and stone projects,It is a concrete sub-project.Piles,Precipitation, drainage, underground continuous wall, Anchor Rod, soil nailing Wall, cement-soil pile, sinking well and sinking box,Lime soil, sand and sand,The ground of broken bricks,Ground of geosynthetic materials,Foundation of fly ash,Heavy hammer solid foundation,Dynamic Foundation,Zhenchong Foundation,Sand pile foundation,Pre-pressing Foundation,High pressure jet grouting Foundation,The soil and the ash soil squeeze the pile foundation,Grouting Foundation,Foundation of cement fly ash gravel pile,Consolidate the foundation of cement-soil piles.Anchor static pile and static pile,Prestressed centrifugal pipe pile,Prefabricated reinforced concrete piles,Steel piles,Co
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