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What is the RO film? 2.Principle of reverse osmosis: \ r first understand the concept of 'penetration.Penetration is a physical phenomenon.When two kinds of water containing different salts, such as separated by a semi-permeable film, it will be found that the water on one side with less salt content will penetrate through the membrane into the water with high salt content, the salt contained does not penetrate, so that the salt concentration on both sides is gradually merged to equal.However, it takes a long time to complete this process, also known as penetration pressure.However, if a pressure is added on the water side with high salt content, the result can also stop the above penetration. The pressure at this time is called penetration pressure.If the pressure increases again, it can penetrate in the opposite direction, while the salt is left.Therefore, the principle of reverse osmosis salt removal is to apply more pressure than natural penetration pressure in salt-containing water (such as raw water), s

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Front filter, is the water softener really useful for the skin? The softened water from the water softener is really good for the skin, and the wading facilities at home will also be protected
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