Sequin curtains from WEIMODECOR can be made according to customers’ requirements.

You can choose sequin size, sequin shape, sequin color and sequin spacing. There is a rod on the top on each curtain so that the curtains are ready to hang when you receive. The biggest advantages of the curtain are lightweight and easy to install.

We can also provide sequin strings without rod if you like, then you can hang the strands on any space you want.  All the individual sequin strand will be packed in a small clear bag. Sequin strands and sequin curtains can be a nice décor solution for your shop or events.


WEIMODECOR provide two options to connect sequins together.

Sequin curtain with metallic rings

Metallic Ring

We use metallic rings at either ends of the sequins to form the sequin curtains.

Sequin curtain with metallic wires

Metallic Wire

Another option is metallic wire which require workers’ more brilliant technique. The sequin strands with metallic wire is soft and can be connected together with any other facility


Sequin curtain and strings are customized product, more shape and colors, please contact us.


The following pictures shared by our clients . The sequin curtains and strands can be used in many situations.  We trust that your creative ideas will bring more amazing effects for your project. 

Weclome to contact us about your projects. WEIMODEOR have a lot of shapes, sizes and colors for your choice. 


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