the 50 best: what to wear for the next thousand years

by:Weimodecor     2019-12-28
Thank God for creating the new millennium. it is the all-
Time is the perfect excuse for shopping.
Because even if you seem to be staying at home in front of the TV that night, you should still dress properly to welcome the arrival of a new era.
Fortunately, designers and Gao
The street chain has done better than them in meeting our desires for all shiny, sparkling, sexy, outrageous and simple parties --tastic -
Beth darswell, our professional stylist, knows where you should celebrate. . .
Best Modern Millennium silhouette 10 best elegant evening dress 10 best embroidery and fring10 best futuristic dress 1 Miss SelfridgeThis Lurex, crochet silver chain-
The mail number is unusual, eyes-
Affordable price.
How much: 45 lbs.
Miss Selfridge branch nationwide (
Enq: 0800 915 9900).
2 Amaya Azu agupt flashes in his eyes, wearing the black net of Amaya Azuaga, hat --
Sleeve dress with unusual red spaghetti sequins details.
How much: 180 pounds.
Retailer: Amaya Arzuaga, Harrods, Knights Bridge, SW1, London (enq: 0171-935 9393).
3 white rainbow-colored sequined dress from topshop with bronze looks great
But this is really the only option for very brave people.
How much: 40.
Retailer: Oxford Circus TopShop, London (enq: 0171-636 7700).
4 Karen Milan South eggplantbeaded multi-
A strap dress from Karen Millen with tight but flattering Leica underwear.
How much: 110 pounds.
Investors: Karen millon, 22
23 James Street, WC2, London (
Enq: 01622 664032).
This black fitted dress comes with a pair of black kitten heels and a hair non that is completely covered with sequins and looks sensational.
How much: 50 lbs.
Warehouse, 19-
21 Argyll Street, W1, London (
Enq: 0800 915 9902).
Nicole fahiblake, 6.
Neck evening dress with pink gem details;
Very sexy Bianca Jagger.
How much: 499 pounds.
Investors: Nicole Farhi, 158 New Bond Street, London (enq: 0171-499 8368).
Helen David from English quirks Channel
Gray, beading evening gown, built in-
Extra va-va-voom. . .
How much: 775 pounds.
Stock Investor: Helen David of the British geek company (enq: 0171-284 2525).
8 LK BennettA Gold, low
Cut, sequin party costumes that will definitely make you notice.
Just remember to avoid making too much money. up -
Unless, of course, you want to look like a disco doll.
How much: 499 pounds.
Shareholders: LK Bennett (enq: 0171-491 3005).
Chen Pi and Jade-
The green mermaid dress in Alvares, which recently won the coveted salon selection Design Award, is definitely a notable name.
Put your order in now.
How much: order.
Wholesaler: by Ainhoa Alvares (
Enq: 07971 828020).
10 Ben de Lissey Blackbeaded, half-
The sleeve evening dress is suitable for elegant and exquisite occasions with elegant and exquisite crowds.
How much: 1,100 pounds.
Shareholders: Ben de Reese, 40 Elizabeth Street, SW1 (enq: 0171-730 2994).
11 PreenCamel floral and brocade bodice-back dress.
Modern printing adds a millennial twist to the medieval silhouette.
How much: order 450.
Investors: Prun, 5 Green, Portobello, W10, London (enq: 0181-968 1542).
12 copies of Braun nsachocolate-
Brown wool and PVC
Give this.
Long Sleeve stretch dress.
How much: about 390.
Retailer: 23-fake from Brown
27 South Morton Street, W1, London (enq: 0171-514 0047).
13 H & MA long, asymmetric, double
Layered dress with cream velvet, suitable for floating in the castle or solemn home.
Even if your residence is not too high, you should be able to afford it.
How much: 54 pounds. 99.
Shareholders: H & M, 261-
271 Regent Street, W1, London (enq: 0171-495 4003).
Although Owen Gast may be the most beautiful dress on the list, Owen Gast\'s black chiffon shirt
The pleated gown is also the hardest to wear because it is not so much a dress as a sculpture.
How much: 715 pounds.
Stockbroker: Irving Grest, department store, W1, St. Oxford (enq: 0171-
629 1234 ext 3881).
15 new black and red, double
Layered, handkerchief
Hem dress: subtle sexy and snipe on price.
How much: 24 lbs. 99.
Shareholders: A New Look (
Enq: 0500 454094).
16 Am ArzuagaA cream net, double
Layered Lecha dress with no straps with midnight
Blue spaghetti details: a completely modern contrast between fabric and texture.
How much: 180 pounds.
Retailer: Amaya Arzuaga, Harrods, Knightsbridge, SW1 (enq: 0171-935 9393). 17 Jean-
Claude JitroisA sleeveless, black genuine leather and Leka PoloDress;
It\'s very heavy, so it might make you dance all night.
How much: 2,350 pounds. Shareholder: Jean-
6 F Claude gitoris, SW1 Sloane Street, London (enq: 0171-245 6300).
All the series of Whistler Meg Andrews have a strong modern theme, this red cotton, high
The collar dress shows her ability to shine in the new millennium.
How much: pounds 98.
Wholesaler: whistle for Meg Android, place of mooners, W1, London (enq: 0171-253 2529).
Black and red geometric sequins Karen Millennium
Embroidered dress.
These sequins cleverly capture the light instead of reflecting it because they are stitched back.
How much: 120 pounds.
Investors: Karen millon, 22
23 James Street, WC2 (
Enq: 01622 664032).
20 Press & BastyanFor a truly modern way to dress, choose Press & Bastyan\'s raspberry paisley dress with shoulder details and satin underwear: for extra cost/performance, treat underwear as another dress.
How much: pounds 95.
Shareholders: news and Basyan, 17 WC2 Neil Street, London (
Enq: 01622 763211).
21 Donna Karana Ruby
Red velvet sleeveless slash
Neck Dress: moderately priced and completely luxurious.
How much: from 400.
Shareholders: Donna Karan, 19 New Bond Street, London (W1)enq: 0171-495 3100).
22 Maria GrachvogelA servative, classic design, this champagne satin bias-
Tailoring evening dress is an ideal choice for fashion parties.
How much: 980 pounds.
Stockbroker: Maria Grachvogel, free choice from 214 Regent Street, W1, London (enq: 0171-734 1234).
John RochaTruly is a showcase of the complex folding and shaping of this Mediterranean-
Blue Velvet, biascut, ruched-
The hem dress is a real investment.
How much: 390 pounds.
Investors: John Rocha, 60f, SW3 Sloan Avenue, London (enq: 0171-838 0017).
The warehouse is separate if you have a budget but don\'t want anyone to knowfront shoulder-
Paired with an amazing cerise satin detail dress is the ideal solution.
How much: 60.
Warehouse, 19-
21 Argyll Street, W1, London (
Enq: 0800 915 9902).
25 news and bass storm-grey, empire-line, lace-
Dress with detail in black sequins embroidery.
The silhouette and lace of this dress make it look vintage. . .
But there is no worm hole.
How much: 150 pounds.
Shareholders: news and Basyan, 17 WC2 Neil Street, London (
Enq: 01622 763211).
26 George of the ASA Leopard team
Printed chiffon skirt with reversible red lining: If you are going to have more than one carnival on New Year\'s Eve and want two different looks to buy a price, that would be perfect
How much: 29. 99.
George of Asda store (
Enq: 0500 100055).
Stylish and elegant, this scarlet red satin dress is beautifully cut
Actually, Audrey Hepburn.
How much: 85 lbs.
Shareholders: France, 249 Regent Street, W1, London (enq: 0171-399 7200).
Anne storeya is simple in shape, but the velvet fabric of this gasoline --green, bias-cut, crossover-
The Bust chest dress is particularly charming.
How much: 229 pounds.
Equity Investor: Anne Storry, Fenway, New Bond Street, W1 (enq: 0171-460 1268).
Miss SelfridgePink and Miss Black. double-
Layered embroidered evening dress for New Year\'s Eve beach party in a warm climate.
How much: 35 lbs.
Retailer: Miss Selfridges (
Enq: 0800 915 9900).
George is in a stylish and charming hotel, champagne silk, bias-cut, floor-
A long dress with a wrinkled chest.
Probably the best value of all the clothes on the list.
How much: 34 pounds. 99.
George of Asda (
Enq: 0500 100055).
31 Karen MillenTactile type should choose a cream and gold embroidered dress from Karen Millen with a sexy feather trim.
How much: about 120.
Investors: Karen millon, 22
23 James Street, WC2, London (
Enq: 01622 664032).
32 Amanda WakeleySimple but luxurious, this grape, Pearl chiffon shirt
Tailoring evening dresses is worth investing in.
How much: 1,177 pounds.
Shareholders: Amanda Wedley, 80 Fulham Road, SW3, London (enq: 0171-590 9105).
33 Bellville Sassoon Lorcan MullanyA embroidered dress with metal beads, with exquisite cut and especially flattering.
How much: 859 pounds.
Stock holder: Belville Sassoon rocan Mullani, 18 Calford Garden, SW3, London (enq: 0171-581 3500).
If you don\'t want to reveal too much meat, the black knit length of filagamo
Long sleeve dress with silver embroidered cuffs is ideal.
How much: 655 pounds.
Shareholders: Salvatore Ferragamo, 24 Old Bond Street, London (enq: 0171-629 5007).
35 Whistler Smy personal favorite is this long brown chiffon \"flashing\" dress up
Promise to make you feel like a star.
How much: 220 pounds.
Investors: W1, London (12 St Barners Place)enq: 0171-487 4484).
36 DivaShimmy spent the night in the black and silver Lurex of Diva, tassel-
Hem dress extended in all the right places.
How much: £ 55.
Stock broker: Diva (enq: 0171-323 4535).
37 Brach & BrachTake is in the center of the stage in this white satin, high
Sleeveless collar dress embroidered with black leaves.
How much: 470 pounds.
Shareholders: Brach & Brach (
Enq: 01273 692017).
38 The wonderful English of Helen David
Embroidery for two
Layered petticoats become feminine in the case of less girly.
How much: 375 pounds.
Investors: Helen David, a British geek (enq: 0171-284 2525).
39 episodes of red wine are broken
Velvet petticoat, embroidered chest details, brings a luxurious atmosphere to your evening.
How much: 179 pounds.
Shareholders: episode 1, 172 Regent Street, London (enq: 0171-589 4279).
George of AsdaYou may not expect supermarket chains to be the source of such a successful glamorous evening dress, but this is George label\'s third presentation on the list.
Of course you can\'t argue with its value. blue, two-
Rose embroidered-tone organza dress is less than £ 30.
How much: 29. 99.
George of Asda store (
Enq: 0500 100055).
41 OasisA silver, tight dress with additional details of transparent straps;
The fabric looks like it came out directly from NASA\'s research lab.
How much: 60.
Investors: Oasis (
Enq: 01865 881986).
42 raspberry and silver Taft tower of Gharani Strok in MatchesGharani Strok 2-
Hue change, hem wear, empire-
The line bust is like detail, has a rainbow-colored gloss, and will flash tempting in case of insufficient light.
How much: about 215.
Stockbroker: 13 Richmond Hill Street, Surrey, Gharani Strok (enq: 0171-727 0007).
43 The hem effect of KookaiThe folds will not be washed off from Kookai\'s black stretch Leca dress with a fold plug-in.
How much: 75 pounds.
Shareholders: Kookai (enq: 0171-937 4411).
44 Thierry mugrad is the typical mugrad as it promises to make you the center of attention.
A silver crystalbeaded fish-
Very heavy, very gorgeous tail dress-
Dear, I like ivanah Trump very much.
How much: order.
Wholesaler: tenimogler women\'s clothing, 134 New Bond Street, W1, London (enq: 0171-629 7020).
The gem details of this pink cotton dress have an intergalactic theme and are perfect for the millennium.
How much: 45 lbs.
Warehouse, 19-
21 Argyll Street, W1, London (
Enq: 0800 915 9902).
Futuristic silhouette in 46 H & M black satin, gathered-
Hem dress, very reasonable price.
How much: 44 lbs. 99.
Shareholders: H & M, 261-
271 Regent Street, W1, London (enq: 0171-323 2211).
This gray double layer fabric is light but warm in red or gray
Layered lanyard dress with gold sequins detail is ideal for outdoor parties.
How much: 89.
Shareholders: Red or Dead (enq: 0114-273 7827).
48 Patrick CoxPatrick Cox\'s white satin tight dress is vibrant in inter-Galaxy references: silver flash detail and star host
Like mini sequins
How much: 400 pounds.
Shareholders: Patrick Cox, 129 Sloane Street, SW1 (enq: 0171-730 8886).
49 The Blue Dr will be found-Spock\'s-ear-
The long-sleeved dress is the perfect little number to welcome 2000.
How much: 30 lbs.
Retailer: Oxford Circus TopShop, London (enq: 0171-636 7700).
50 miss SelfridgeThis Black, elastic, wrinkled
The chest dress has a multi-color \"universe\" thread that changes color in light.
How much: 35 lbs.
Retailer: Miss Selfridges (
Enq: 0800 915 9900).
Note: All details are correct when printing, but readers should call ahead of next week\'s departure to check prices and availability: Christmas food-
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