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WEIMODECOR printed shimmer wall backdrop



WEIMODECOR printed shimmer wall

The new printed shimmer wall backdrop for VIRTUAL TEAKUP just finished recently. The client was very satisfied with the final effect and share the above picture with us.


Our printed shimmer wall panels are not just only suitable for indoor decor, are also nice for outdoor projects. The printed shimmer wall backdrop from WEIMODECOR is anti-UV technology, the ink we used owned the SGS report which is the proof that our printed shimmer wall backdrops can be lasted longer time for outdoor projects. 

About our product

The printed shimmer wall backdrops are able to restore all the details of the the source file, the complicated designs or logos are also can be achieved easily through the printed technology.


Besides the bigger shimmer wall backdrops, just several printed shimmer panels can also be a good substitute for wall decoration painting, desktop decoration painting, the printed shimmer wall panels are special kind of wall arts. Quite difference with the normal painting decorations.

WEIMODECOR Sequin Wall Supplier can provide the matching picture frames if you want to use our printed shimmer wall panels as the home decor , or decorative wall painting. The client just need to provide a source file of the design or image you want , we will provide all elements to help you create the unique wall art decoration. 

news-WEIMODECOR printed shimmer wall backdrop-Weimo-img

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