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NINGBO NINIGBO WEIMO ARTICLE CO.,LTD. ARTICLE CO.,LTD. is a company specializing in the production of high quality custom sequin wall. WEIMO upholds and implements new development concepts which are to strike a balance between economic development and social responsibility. In this way, we promote the development of a new mode of environment-friendly production. WEIMO's custom sequin wall can be applied to different fields and scenes, which enables us to meet different requirements. WEIMO provides a wide range of sequin curtain for customers. The product keeps operating smoothly throughout its lifetime. It moves freely with delicate airflow, casting a reflection of light in all directions. The strength of the staff team in NINGBO our company ARTICLE CO.,LTD. is continuously strengthened. The product is lightweight and has holes for mounting on any surface. We are looking forward to consulting from new and old customers!

Does the filter membrane standard mean that the content of this filter membrane has a standard value? Determination of coliform bacteria in water by membrane filtration method 1. objective to learn to use membrane filtration method to determine coliform bacteria in water.Two, the basic principle of membrane filtration method is to filter water samples by membrane filter,So that the bacteria trapped on the membrane,Then put the filter membrane on the appropriate medium for culture,Coliform bacteria can grow directly on the membrane,It can be counted directly.The membrane used is a porous nitrocellulose membrane or acetic acid fiber membrane,Its aperture is about 0.45 μm.Third, the equipment is red, American, blue, Agar plate or rattan agar plate,There is an inverted small sleeve in the lactose peptide fermentation tube ),Sterilized water,River or lake water;Sterilization filter (funnel, base, filter bottle with hole rubber plug, respectively,Can be sterilized by high pressure steam ),Tweezers,Clamp,Vacuum pump

Structure of filter for wall hanging furnace 1. the wall boiler filter is installed on the return pipe. 2. filter is an indispensable device in the conveying media pipeline, usually installed in the inlet end of the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve, and other equipment of the square filter. After the filter cartridge with a certain size filter screen, its impurities are blocked. when cleaning is needed, just remove the removable filter cartridge and reload it after processing. Therefore, it is extremely convenient to use and maintain. 3. precautions for installing filters (1) to be installed at the suction port of the pump: The oil absorption Road of the pump is generally equipped with a surface-type oil filter, the purpose is to filter large impurities to protect the hydraulic pump, in addition, the filter capacity of the oil filter should be more than twice the flow rate of the pump, and the pressure loss is less than 0. 02MPa. (2) installed on the outlet oil Road of t
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