What color (size, type, specification) is available for shimmer disc panels in Weimo Decor?
NINIGBO WEIMO ARTICLE CO.,LTD. upholds a fearless spirit towards making mistakes and constantly seeks innovations. Based on that, we overcome various difficulties during the development. We gain numerous honorary qualifications in the industry. WEIMO owns a superior geographical location. There are traffic convenience, elegant ecological environment, and abundant natural resources. WEIMO is dedicated to providing professional, efficient and economical solutions for customers, so as to meet their needs to the greatest extent. WEIMO has a professional design team. We guarantee good production capability and efficient production. We can provide customers with complete OEM/ODM services.

What are the common types of filter elements? What are the features of corrugated filter? Hello.Common types of filter: air filter element, PP filter element, wire filter element, folding micro-pore filter element, activated carbon filter element, double-section filter element, ceramic filter element, resin filter element, stainless steel filter element, oil filter element, folding filter element, hydraulic oil filter element, etc.It has excellent filtration accuracy, filtration impedance, mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and operability,It is particularly ideal for filtering with high compression strength requirements and uniform filtering accuracy requirements,It is widely used in petrochemical, nuclear power, synthetic fiber, film, food, pharmaceutical, aerospace and environmental protection industries.The filter technology of sintering net filter element is aimed at the blood of machine equipment--Oil products (including hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cutting fluid

How to choose industrial washing machine better? Industrial Washing machines can generally be divided into six categories according to their use: 1. dry cleaners,Including dry cleaners using different solvents,Tetrachloroacetate dry cleaning machine,Black carbon dry cleaner,Oil dry cleaners,Liquid carbon dioxide dry cleaner,Fluorine dry cleaner, etc,The above types of dry cleaners are different according to their technical indicators,Can be divided into open type dry cleaner,Fully enclosed dry cleaner and the fifth generation dry cleaner.2. water washing machines,Including single washing machine,Water dehydrator and washing machine,And integrated automatic washing system.According to its different performance, the washing machine can be divided into gravity fixed and full suspension type.3. Dryer,Including exhaust dryer,Compound air duct dryer,Intelligent dryer, etc.According to its different structure, the exhaust dryer can be divided into two types: Top blow type and Bottom suction type.According to the sta
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