What exhibitions do shimmer sequin wall manufacturers attend?
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Oxidation-reduction potential in reverse osmosis water ORP is short for the reduction potential,The residual chlorine content in the water is mainly reflected by ORP,As far as reverse osmosis water is concerned, it is generally less than 300mv,More than 500mv needs reverse osmosis shutdown,Of course, the lower the better,The ORP value can be reduced by adding sodium bissulfate to the front.I. Overview of fully automatic iron and manganese removal filter many towns and industrial and mining enterprises in China use groundwater as water source.However, there is an excess of iron in groundwater in many areas,Its content is generally 2-16mq/L range.'Automatic iron and manganese removal filter' overcomes the human operation,Various problems caused by backwashing,Give full play to the special features of fully automatic work,Therefore, it has incomparable superiority in other iron removal devices,The iron content of groundwater after treatment is ≤ 0.3 mg/L,National GB5749-85 quality standards for drinking water.In

Difference between synthetic fiber and microfiber in filter Synthetic fibers are linear polymers that are artificially synthesized, have a suitable molecular weight and have soluble (or fusible) properties,Fiber degree 0.The fibers below 3 Dan (5 microns in diameter) are called microfiber.
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