What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for sequin discs ?
Talk about the understanding of nano-materials and nano-technology? Ask for an explanation In terms of size,The size of small particles that usually produce significant changes in physical and chemical properties is 0.Below 1 micron (note 1 M = 100 cm,1 cm = 10000 microns,1 micron = 1000 nm,1 nm = 10 ER ),That is, less than 100 nm.Therefore,The particle size is 1 ~ The particles of 100 nm are called super-particle materials,It is also a nano-material.Nano-metal materials were successfully developed in the 1980s,Later, nano-semiconductor films, nano-ceramics, nano-porcelain materials and nano-biomedical materials were published one after another.Nano-scale structural materials are referred to as nano-materials ),It means that the size of its structural unit is between 1 nm ~ Between 100 nanometers.Since its size is close to the coherent length of the electron,Because of the self-organization brought by strong coher

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Is it feasible to use mf uf ro for subsequent processing in the water reuse project? Not feasible,Generally speaking,Mf uf has little protective effect on ro pretreatment,The molecular cutting of COD through UF has no effect,The damage of COD to the RO film is the most serious,Affect the life of RO,At the same time, MF and UF are easily polluted,Life is not long.It is recommended to use the aff mbfb membrane biological fluidized bed process.AFF process is a simple process of water reuse.It is characterized by setting up a sedimentation tank in the Activated sludge tank (Activated sludge,The supernatant is pumped into the asymmetric fiber filter (AFF for short) through the water pump ),Direct discharge of filtered water,Or enter the MBFB combination process for in-depth treatment,The reverse sludge is directly returned to the activated sludge pool.MBFB combination process is a water reuse process for deep treatment,The process is based on biological fluidized bed,With powdered activated carbon (Pow -?Dered
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