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What is UV Printing Sequin Shimmer Wall Panel?


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What is UV printing  shimmer  sequin wall panel?

Since 2005, WEIMODECOR sequin wall panel supplier has designed and developed a single color Shimmer Sequin Wall Panel. It is WEIMODECOR’s patent product. When it came into the market, all customers like it because of its dynamic, shiny and amazing effects, and applied it to a lot of indoor background decoration.

Slowly, some designers hope to integrate their design into our shimmer sequin wall panels to make it have more and better effects. 

In 2008, WEIMODECOR began to make Sequin Shimmer Wall Panels with patterns, and customers enjoy this unique feeling. Many customers hope to use such effective products outdoors, such as outdoor high-speed advertising, parks, shop windows, building exterior walls, etc. At the same time, WEIMODECOR has been developing UV resistant and fade resistant Sequin materials. Although there are more than 20 colors of UV sequins for customers to choose from, it still can not meet the needs of high-end customers. 

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Since 2017, WEIMODECOR has started to develop UV-resistant printed sequins, invested a lot of material research and mold costs, and successfully developed UV-resistant printed sequins in 2019. WEIMODECOR calls this new technology product UV printing sequin shimmer wall panel. It not only solves the problems of outdoor UV resistance and fade-resistant but also makes more artists and designers with unique ideas love this latest product. Make it impossible for their artistic creation to be imitated. This product turns static patterns into dynamic and lifelike patterns. This can not only decorate indoor galleries, museums, art galleries, science and technology museums, shopping malls, hotels, villas, but also be widely used in outdoor high-speed billboards, large shopping malls, bridges, hospitals, and other building exterior walls. Till now UV resistant sequins retain their color beautifully.

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Creativity and Design

Now WEIMODECOR shimmer wall panel manufacturer can proudly say that WEIMODECOR can complete the full-color high-resolution UV printing sequin panels successfully. It can be fixed to nearly any solid surface like wood, metal, plastic, glass, or any composite building material.

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