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15cm x 15cm shimmer wall panel

15cm by 15cm( 6 inch by 6 inch) small shimmer wall panel is widely used in detail designs and small area decorations. The diameter of each round disc is only 9mm. There are 225 pins and 225 shinny sequin discs on each 15cm panel. The production request workers who are practiced and patient. The production time is longer since all the pins and sequin discs are attached to the panels by hand.

More shiny sequin discs make the panels more luxury. Many famous cosmetics brands and Luxury brand use the 15cm sequin tiles to decorate their display cabinet to attract more attentions.

It is really eye-catching material for small area.

Obviously the cost of small panel is higher than the 30cm solid panels.

For 0.09 square meter, you just need a piece of 30cm sequin panel , but 4 pieces of 15cm sequin tiles. But this cost will bring you a more amazing and dazzling effect.

If you have a small area want to decorate, the 15cm panels will be a nice choice. Just contact us for more colors .

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