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30cm x 30cm shimmer wall panel


30cm by 30cm (11.8 inches by 11.8 inches)solid shimmer wall panel is the most popular and the classical shimmer wall panel from WEIMODECOR. This is our first sequin wall product and the top selling styles. 

We have the black, white and transparent shimmer panel for clients to choose from.  You can choose the sequin panel color to follow your own preferences and the installation place. 

We have special joints that can connect the  panels together. More than 500 colors for your choice. We have chosen some popular colors and took videos for you. You will find the stunning effect of our shimmer wall panels from the following videos. Absolutely, we don't just these colors in the video list. We welcome you to contact for more color choices. 

All colors are available in circle, square and hexagon shapes. 

The exterior use colors from WEIMODECOR are able to withstand a different kind of exterior weather conditions(such as the sunlight, rain , snow, etc.)

Our panel quality is the top-level material, WEIMODECOR refuses to use the recycled material. 

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