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About Installation


Many clients asked us how to install their own shimmer walls. For the installation of WEIMODEOCR sequin wall, it is very easy. We have created enough mounting holes on the back of each panel so that you can use nails or screws to fix the panels to the wall or other board. This is the most normal and strong installation way if you want to create a permanent shimmer wall.


Currently , more an more clients want to create a temporary sequin backdrop for an event. It is impossible to fix the panels to a wall or other board. WEIMODECOR also have solutions for these clients.

We can provide the free joints which can connect the 30cm panels together, then the big shimmer wall can be hang on a pole or a frame . Regarding the 35cm grid panels, there are joints one the each grid backing, they can connect to each other easily. Then hang on them on the frame. So it is easy for the clients who want to create a freestanding sequin wall for their events. We also took the videos to show the details.


WEIMODECOR can also provide the metal frame in the videos. We provide this frame without much benefit. We just want to help you save some times to search such a frame, and also help you to save some shipping cost if all the panels and the metal frame can ship to you directly in one shipment.


WEIMODECOR will be always try to improve ourselves and help our clients to solve their problems.

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