WEIMODECOR has more than 200 colors for choices.

Mirror effect colors are the normal use but the most popular colors till now. The shimmer wall looks very shining with these mirror effect colors. 

Chameleon colors are popular currently for their unique color-changing effect.

The colors seem quite different from a different direction, they are really eye-catching as the event, and party backdrops.

We also have a lot of matte colours, these colours are new but look really textured.

We have prepared videos for some of our colors for your reference. Welcome to contact for more details.   

Best Colours For Shimmer Wall And Sequin Wall | WWeimodecor-Weimodecor-img

Chameleon Colours


Matte Colours

Best Colours For Shimmer Wall And Sequin Wall | WWeimodecor-Weimodecor-img-1

Mirror Effect Colours

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