Is there free shimmer sequin wall sample provided?
Now the fiber ball filter is used next to the circulating water filter. during the use, the fiber ball will run to the circulating pool. What reason is 10? The main factors considered in the filter layer design of the filter are: different filter materials have large density difference,It is guaranteed that the mixing layer will not occur after the anti-washing disturbance.Select filter material according to the use of water production.The particle size of the lower filter material is less than that of the upper filter material,To ensure the effectiveness and full use of the lower filter material.The multi-media filter takes the three-layer filter bed as an example,The upper filter material has the largest particle size,Light filter material with small density,Such as anthracite, activated carbon;The middle filter material is centered in particle size,Center density,Generally composed of quartz sand;The lower filter material is the smallest by particle size,The heavy filter material with the largest de

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How about adding phosphate to the faucet filter? Relatively speaking, the water purifier is good. The purifier directly filters the tap water used by the family, and can effectively filter the heavy metals, estrogen (contraceptive), pesticides and other harmful substances in the water. And make it fully meet the standard of cooking and drinking in the kitchen, and the faucet filter is a simple and active filter device that can filter visible impurities such as lost rust.
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