What are raw materials for sequin backdrop production?
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What is the meaning of well water filter backwashing? The impurities and organic matter that are filtered during the filtration process of the equipment are attached to the equipment filter material,The opposite direction of the water rushed to the equipment filter material,Rinse out these impurities,To achieve the role of extending the life of the equipment.

What is screen filtration dehydration? Without considering the difference of dewatering machinery, the dehydration performance of sludge is mainly determined by the following aspects: 1. the size and density of sludge particles are based on the stourke formula. the larger the particles, the greater the density, and the faster the sedimentation, the easier it is to dehydrate. 2. the viscosity of the sludge bacteria form a bacteria glue group, which wraps the water into it, and it is difficult to separate it through mechanical dehydration. 3. on the one hand, the dosage of the agent is able to make the sludge particle bridging and flocculation, which is easy to dehydrate. on the other hand, the viscosity of the sludge becomes larger, making the mud cake become elastic and Q, further dehydration of sludge mud cake is hindered.
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