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Karen inderbitzen waller freelance designer and photographer Karen Inderbitzen Waller often contributes to publications including No, Metro, etc.
She designed the fashion show, events, and appearance books for Kate Sylvester, and also worked with the Klein brothers and the Nom * D.
Secret or unexpected store you like?
I love Miss modern, dunfagan\'s perfect vintage shop in Dunedin
It\'s like walking into Grace Kelly\'s wardrobe in the back window of Alfred Hitchcock.
Can I update one of the spring wardrobes immediately?
A sweet floral dress.
Kate Sylvester\'s new spring and summer series is super-romantic.
What every woman should have in her wardrobe. . .
A vintage dress that never fails, you can be sure that no one else will show up.
The best way to update the look with accessories?
Start with new season shoes and a bunch of new magazines for inspiration.
Best place for underwear?
Silk drawers in Auckland, wheels and dolls in Sydney, Chantal Thomas in Paris.
Lonely hearts and Kate Sylvester also make amazing underwear. 01-08-
2012 07: 00: 40 The best place to go for spring clothes?
Look for cool retro style in the arcade or modern lady of St. Kay.
The best place for Cowboys?
The fabric on Auckland high street has a good international choice and there is a large rockabilly Levi\'s on Sydney\'s Route 66.
Karen Walker also cut a good high. waisted jean.
How do you buy new season series?
I am always overseas before the season changes and will be sure to update with the new shoes and bits and pieces I found during my trip.
I will be sure to place an order with my favorite New Zealand designers who always include Kate Sylvester and norm D before I leave.
I also like lonely hearts, Karen Walker and zambesie.
Key purchase in spring?
Double-sided pyjamas style shorts for Nom * D, very cool print for spring and summer. Also the laser-
Kate Sylvester cut leather.
Her leather pieces have always been the most popular and popular.
The new year in my wardrobe.
Your personal closet failed. safe piece?
A series of YSL killer high heels from Tom Ford, along with plenty of custom jackets and pencil skirts.
What do you buy from the designer?
I love good cuts, high quality knitwear, and when everything else feels boring, I like to come up with more interesting and risky pieces and I\'m away from those who feel that international designers are too derivative or toodriven.
I like classics.
What do you buy from chain stores?
I am from a textile family and I am a bit of a fabric snob and can\'t stand rough cheap fabrics that are mainly used for chain products, so I tend to avoid these stores.
My basic essentials for shopping at Petit Bateau in Paris are cotton suits and classic cuts for T-shirts, single shoes and sweaters.
Very long quality-lasting.
Petit Bateau is stocked at Jamie\'s boutique in Auckland.
What do you buy somewhere else?
I love the headwear, veils, hats of the past few years and tend to use a lot of this retro stuff in my shoot and show.
I am always looking in the market, op store and vintage store.
It\'s always exciting to discover antique treasures that are still intact.
Spring trends?
The Romance of Many collections.
Amazing red, especially color
Blocked, there is nothing more exciting flower than spring, its edge is more sexy and harder.
Rachel motoona freelance designer, contributing to magazines including urbines and Metro, Morton also works with designer Juliet Hogan to design style for fashion shows and events and
Secret or unexpected store you like?
Kmart is a place where I keep borrowing money to shoot and unexpectedly find myself shopping here as well.
It\'s great for fast fashion items that you don\'t want to invest too much money in.
I bought colored jeans, gray leopard print jeans and a great Aztec blanket jacket.
Can I update one of the spring wardrobes immediately?
Splash of neon lights.
Recently, I picked up a pink necklace from Forever New in a shoot that was very \"inspiration for Tom Binns\" and I \'ve been wearing it all the timestop.
I like neon lights in light gray or beige.
What every woman should have in her wardrobe. . .
A timeless little black dress that fits well and you feel great to wear.
It sounds a bit old-fashioned, but it\'s true.
Every woman needs a dress that you can count on and knows that you will feel great if asked to do something at the last minute.
If you invest in one, you will always have it.
Classic trench coat and perfect nude heel.
The best way to update the look?
Accessories are a quick wayinvent a look.
No matter what you wear, a new bag will make you feel fresh.
Best place for underwear?
I love Stella McCartney underwear, available at Bendon-
I especially like leopard print.
How do you buy new season series?
When I see all the mountains and watchbooks, I tend to pick my favorite things, try to make holes or update items in the closet, invest in one or two, not a lot of small items.
Invest in a well-made coat that you will always have, but pick a \"trendy\" coat from the chain to the end of the next season.
It\'s good to try and plan before you go to the store.
Think about what you need and what you love.
Invalid piece of your personal wardrobe?
My leather jacket is my quick solution.
Scarves and gray cashmere are the clothes I wear most often.
Is there anything collected in your own wardrobe?
I buy a lot when I find something I like until I find my \"next\" thing.
It\'s printed pants now.
T-perfect for spring and summer
Shirt, light cashmere, suit jacket or casual jacket.
I like shoes and bags in terms of collection. . .
My favorite is my Miu baga-Porter.
What do you buy from chain stores?
I bought a lot of basic things from the country road.
I live in their T-
Shirts, gray jerseys and trousers.
What do you buy somewhere else?
The gold plating in Victorian times is amazing, and now based on waihek island, you can always find the treasure.
Louise hillskey editor and stylist Louise hillskey is a self
Recognition is a color fan.
Secret or unexpected store you like?
Recently, I visited a crazy fabric Mall in Onehunga, antique fabrics and lace while filming.
Not only does it have excellent lace options, but my eyes sparkle in a variety of sequins in a style you can imagine.
I\'m going to invest in a variety of things to decorate my jacket.
Where do you like shopping online best?
I like eBay for many years.
When they arrive at your doorstep, you will find the unique work very surprising.
Some of my favorite designers, such as Jeremy Scott, KTZ, Moonspoon salon and Dutch house.
I can\'t shop locally for these brands, so being able to buy online is a real treat.
Can I update one of the spring wardrobes immediately?
The vibrant Jewelry necklace immediately adds a different place and changes a dress from season to season.
There are a lot of shops in stock this season, and there is something suitable for each price range.
Passionata stores some beautiful antiques and over the next few years you will put them in a jewelry box or instantly fix them and go to a chain store like Lovisa.
Best place for shoes?
There are some great brands on the T-stage of the Newmark market, such as Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs\'s Marc.
Andrea Biani also brings some unique styles that I like.
Best place for underwear?
There are great options for Queen St Inn in Smith and Courtney, where the staff is perfect for you to wear the right size.
They stock Triumph and have a big range for my bigger depression.
How do you buy new season series?
I am a color fan, so there are always many choices in spring.
I looked at my winter wardrobe and thought it was time to change and mix it up and don\'t always do the same thing.
I like to wear skirts, so prepare them first --
One piece of clothing will sort out your clothes.
I try to fill the blank with color.
I often go to wear a dress and think that I need shoes of this style, but the blue one, not the purple one, so I am wary of this color and so is the jacket, sunglasses and bags.
Key purchase in spring? A floral shirt.
Perfect Cross
It\'s seasonal when sleeveless isn\'t warm enough but you still want to wear something that makes you feel like it\'s not far from summer.
Is there anything collected in your own wardrobe?
I feel good about sunglasses.
I \'ve collected dozens over the years and I don\'t think I\'ll ever have much.
Some I will buy it once or twice and then some will wear it every day.
I\'m always looking for a new, more unconventional pair.
Shirley at Sunglass is my consultant.
She imported some amazing hardto-
Find the style I will always cherish for me, she let me know what to buy next.
I would love to buy Alexander McQueen sunshades and they rarely sell sunglasses from the runway.
UV-proof design sun shades are required for each sunglasses range.
What do you buy from the designer?
I like to buy a show.
Stop, crazy pieces.
When the world sent a fluorine pink raincoat on the runway for their men\'s wear line, I had to buy it, what a big investment it was --
It keeps me dry and looks great.
I like to wear colors and patterns every day, so I don\'t invest in timeless classics, on the contrary.
Booth for each series
Editing works that show the creativity of designers;
That\'s what I invested in.
Spring trends?
I love the soft candy colors so I\'m so eager to see them this spring.
I like pastel prints because you can match them in different colors.
You need to be careful with the pastel because it can have an effect similar to wearing white, so printing is ideal when it breaks the block color.
Greta van de Star, a freelance stylist, has produced works for magazines including Remix, M2 women, international brides UK, guides, New Zealand weddings and subways, the music video of the Unknown Mortal Orchestra of the local band, she was amazing.
Secret or unexpected store you like?
There are shops everywhere except Auckland center.
I was addicted to screening old boxes in search of treasures.
If you don\'t like hunting, I recently found out on my trip home in Piha that let\'s go to Swanson retro.
This is a very good one-
Carefully curated shops including Crown Lynn dinner set, Button Collection, Old medicine bottles and vintage outfits.
I bought a black Japanese silk dress with a creamy lace collar that fits perfectly.
Where do you like shopping online best?
Outnet is perfect for splurging on something special, and Asos is also great for brands like whistles and Chloe see.
They have some interesting little French and British brands and I noticed they also support some of our New Zealand favorites like 20-seven Names.
What every woman should have in her wardrobe. . .
Perfect silk shirt.
The hanging of the fabric and the feeling on the skin have something;
You feel particularly feminine.
I tend to harden it with a leather jacket or skirt.
The most popular silk shirt in Auckland is the equipment for fabrics, Liam and Sherie Muijs.
The best way to update the look with accessories? Go large.
If you want to invest, go to Wunderkammer on Ponsonby Road and their ring is-
Made and designed in New Zealand.
You can\'t find something like this.
For quick and affordable things, I will go to Lovisa at St. Luke\'s mall. They\'re jam-
Packed with loud clips that will give you something worth talking about.
Best place for underwear?
Let go of the lonely heart.
The most delicious, delicate lace, soft cup bra, very comfortable.
The best place for spring clothes?
I look forward to the new Penny Sage collection by designer Kate meigavi.
She will recite her favorite works in beautiful sorbet tones.
The design is very simple, very romantic and makes you want to dance.
The best place for Cowboys?
It\'s not easy for anyone to buy jeans.
I like wrangler.
There is room for curves in the jeans, and they are very high --waisted styles.
How do you buy new season series?
I peeked in the closet to see what I missed, write a list and keep myself going --
Unless something incredible happens.
It\'s easy to be attracted to all the latest trends and new collections, but you really want to stick to buying a few special things to enhance what you have.
You don\'t need much, just the right part.
Your favorite spring series? Just one? Really?
In the local area, I have always had a good impression of Ingrid Starnes.
She has a strong sense of aesthetics,
Women and luxury.
Her clothes are the right size for girly but practical, a collection dedicated to beautiful details --
A sharp fold, a pocket decoration.
Your personal closet failed. safe piece?
Simple navy and white striped T-shirt.
It can be paired with anything and you will feel French.
Is there anything collected in your own wardrobe? Dresses. Mainly vintage. I have 20-
Also, not enough.
I also like vintage and knitted hats.
What do you buy from chain stores?
Stockings and socks
Glassons and farmers always have a great choice and Kmart currently has some fun hunting style packs.
Animal patterns and earth tones.
It\'s perfect to team up with high heels.
I don\'t want to hide them.
Spring trends?
The print has always been my favorite style, and I also like to wear tight trousers and sport jackets.
I tend to buy more than one season under the latest trend.
Kelly Cook is a stylist for fashion, film and television. he has worked for activities such as land and services.
She is also a key stylist for New Zealand\'s Next Top Model.
Where do you like shopping online best?
I like surfing the Internet-a-
Potter, far away, Polly wall, and loi savofen, but mostly \"desire\"
Shopping for me. . .
If I buy online, I tend to buy from Shopbop, ASOS and the nearest Boohoo.
Can I update one of the spring wardrobes immediately?
A printed pair of pants is an easy way to refresh your spring wardrobe immediately.
The trick is to ensure and grind them with a solid color top and minimalist high heels.
What every woman should have in her wardrobe. . .
There are at least 10 items in a woman\'s wardrobe, but if I could choose one, I would say it was a coat.
I am a huge fan of this humble coat.
Whether it\'s trenches, peas or cars, even if your size fluctuates a lot, this is the investment you will always wear.
The best way to update the look with accessories?
The collar is an interesting addition to the accessory cache.
From the inlaid version Saben designed for tough girls in you to the beautiful pearl peter pan collar in Diva, they will effortlessly update a shirt, skirt or sweater.
Best place for shoes?
Catherine Wilson\'s shoe box currently lives outside shed 4 Wellesley Street.
The summer collection includes a number of trendy high heels, heel, flat sandals and flat shoes.
Her heels are very balanced and you can dance in them all night and they don\'t make you lose the Earth.
The best place for spring clothes?
Trinity of local designers
Kate, Karen, or triris.
Or, it\'s a good time to have a guarantee for Miss Crabb\'s \"rise\" outfit.
The best place for Cowboys?
If you have cash to splurge, then it has to be fabric, but it can\'t be beaten for Cowboys on cheap glass.
How do you buy new season series?
My intuition was clear at first, so I like to follow it.
The colors, patterns and prints are always appealing because I wear pants a lot, so I\'m always looking for the right shirt or top to go back to the wardrobe.
In the past, I tend to buy a lot of small pieces, but since I have an extensive wardrobe, I am trying a new and less.
Your favorite spring series?
My favorite spring series is the connection between zambesie and Kate Sylvette\'s \"heart and soul. My man-
Style inclinations like camo prints from zambesie, I like the embroidered and T-on the collar of the shirt-
Kate Sylvester works with Mirabelle for shirts, subtle Victorian influences, beautiful color palettes and refined complementary jewelry.
Key purchase in spring?
I urgently need a snoo * D Snoodie and their souvenir print overalls.
Because I am obsessed with all kinds of headwear: hats, headscarves and work clothes, I always prefer one piece.
I admire the way they use iconic Kiwi images in a unique Nom * D way, and I don\'t think they will ever date.
Is there anything collected in your own wardrobe?
I have collected a lot of items but I have been trying to collect the jumpsuit.
When I have enough clothes, I wear them every day like a uniform.
What do you buy from chain stores?
I am a huge fan of accessories and the chain is a great place to pick out cheap statement pieces to go with any outfit.
I always pick up sparkling pieces from Lovisa, Diva and Dotti.
Spring trends?
Of course, printed pants.
Anyone who knows me knows that I have always liked what I call \"crazy pants\" and I wear them regardless of whether they are popular or not.
To put it simply, they attract my sensitivity to clothing.
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