these jackets can brighten any party

by:Weimodecor     2019-12-29
This season, everything that glitters can be found on evening dresses.
From short bolero-
The sleek jacket in a relaxed and smooth tone is dotted with sparkling rhinestones, sequins, seed pearls and gold embroidered threads.
Every inch of the fabric of some jackets is covered with pirate loot.
\"They are treasures that ladies can keep,\" said Dallas designer Victor Costa . \".
\"I have their series.
I think they are collections.
Costa has designed a bolero jacket for the fall that is completely covered with black sequins.
The jacket is sold at Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach for $925, in part due to hand embroidery in India.
Maria Crutcher is a supporter of Newport Beach art and a member of Angelitos de Oro, which raises money for the big brother and big sister in Orange County, I found that the jacket at night made it easy for her to attend the busy charity ball, theater opening ceremony and party of the season.
Her $5,000 Bob Mackie outfit includes an amazing jacket and a simple knee
Long black velvet dress.
The collar of the black velvet jacket is high, with a sparkling sun-lit design that radiates from the shoulders, surrounded by signs of the zodiac, all made of silver sequins and rhinestones.
\"I can wear a beautiful dress, pants or straight dress,\" Crutcher said . \".
Sue pewozki at Newport Beach, chairman of the music support group at Orange County Performing Arts Center, bought a beading jacket for St. Annette
Martin will join the fund this season. raisers.
\"A lot of times, I buy a dress and wear it once.
\"I hope this jacket can be worn more,\" she said . \".
This short jacket features a beautifully floral pattern with pastel-toned beads and crystals covering champagne-
Colored raw silk.
Although the jacket is a chiffon trousers, Perewozki found that she can match in a variety of different styles.
\"It\'s used very extensively.
I can wear pink, blue or yellow.
I can wear pants on a fashion show or on a cruise ship and on a silk skirt.
\"Sophia Vodi, vice president and general manager of Amen Wardy, an exclusive clothing store in Newport Beach, said that it turned out that these gorgeous jackets were popular.
\"This is an exciting dress replacement,\" Wardy said . \".
\"They are colorful, dazzling and beautifully crafted.
When a woman walks into the room in one dress, she will definitely make a statement.
\"Take a closer look at a bolero jacket from Oscar de la lunta and you\'ll see a complex floral pattern of thousands of small beads and rhinestones.
Layers of green sequins form a leaf.
His jacket dates back to the rich medieval mosaics.
A black velvet bolero with red and blue teardrops of rhinestones with a whirlpool of green and golden squares --shaped sequins.
Whether the gem is fake-
The jacket still looks luxurious, especially when paired with the designer\'s turquoise satin dress.
Jeanette\'s two-piece jacket for St.
Martin sells through Neiman Marcus at Newport Beach, combining sparks and sequins with stylish animal patterns.
One is a tiger stripe made of brown and black sequins;
Another leopard spot with black sequins on a brown and gold embroidered background.
It costs about $1,000 each.
A jacket designed for Amen Wardy, similar to a leather motorcycle jacket, in addition to covering black sequins and inlaid with heavy brass zipper tags.
The pockets and edges of the jacket have zipper teeth.
Another whimsical jacket is decorated with perfume bottles made of gold sequins.
Jackets allow designers to use their creativity.
Judith Ann Sana, New York, started her career as an artist, using her evening dress as a canvas for the painter.
Although she didn\'t want the dress to make the wearer feel heavy, she wasn\'t worried that too many beads and gadgets would make the jacket too heavy.
\"I can really go to town when I put on my jacket,\" she said . \".
Her favorite jacket has rich crazy quilts with stripes, swirls, rainbows and zig
Colorful beads and sequins.
The price is $700.
\"People say it looks like a kaleidoscope or stained glass,\" Sarna said . \". I.
At the south coast square in Costa Mesa, magning carries her long coat
Silk-style jacket with colorful beaded patchwork-
The designer calls it \"Western design with Oriental art \".
\"These jackets, which cost about $700, take about four days to produce.
In India they are hand-sewn, with up to six people working on the frame at a time.
If Sarna had her way, they would hang out in the gallery.
\"Jackets like this are the art to wear,\" she said . \".
\"You can box it up.
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